For the past few weeks, we have considered producing face masks that would be both sold and donated to those staying safely at home and working on the front lines. While taking care of ourselves at home, we’ve realized the need to and importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of others as well. We believe we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of first responders. Because their safety, is ours too. I also realized that we are in a position of extreme fortune, with suppliers all over the world. We reached out to many of my factories to see whether or not they were able to make high quality masks that met some essential criteria we laid out. These specifications included a need to have an ergonomic fit, adjustable straps for different face sizes to maximize protection, and a 3-layer system that will prevent PM 2.5 as much as possible. PM 2.5 is fine particulate matter considered to be an air pollutant that is a concern for people's health when levels in air are high.
We have already donated over 100 masks to first responders and people in need of face masks. We will continue these efforts by donating 3 masks for every order placed online, with the hopes of donating 1,000 masks to those on the front lines and in most need of protection
Masks Usefulness with Combatting COVID-19:
The CDC has officially recommended the use of face masks when in public. To ensure medical masks are kept available for healthcare workers, they have published guidelines for the protection of general use face masks. Our high-quality, three-layered masks abide by their recommendations. For more Information, please Official CDC website, here.