The SS23 collection “Oceans Apart” shares the story of the immigration of the founders, Jason and Dane, from South Africa to the US with hopes of building brighter futures for themselves. The body of water that separates these countries symbolizes the endless opportunities they left home in search of, bridging the gap between comfort and new beginnings.

The intertwined flow and continuity of the ocean reminds them of family and the unbreakable bond they share. The infinite fortuity they found on the other side of their journey is embodied in the wide variety of materials used to create this collection - from denim to french terry, to silk, to corduroy, to wool and mohair knits. The blend of vibrant colors and use of different textures symbolizes their very separate worlds.

Designed with nostalgia and Pantones representing the ocean, as well as the incorporation of statement graphics and newly designed monogram patterns on classic silhouettes, they brought together the literal and figurative meaning of “Oceans Apart.”